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Block® Group

BLOCK Technical AG is a member of BLOCK® Group, a multi-national group of companies. We have branches in 11 countries of the world and authorised partners in 39 countries. We bring complete, functional, cutting-edge projects with a focus on advanced technology and clean rooms. In the field of cleanroom implementation we operate since 1991.

Since 2018 the BLOCK® Group includes Köttermann, a world-renowned laboratory furniture manufacturer with a history that dates back to 1946.

We are a design, engineering, project delivery, and implementation group of companies. We offer our customers comprehensive services in project planning, manufacturing, construction and continued maintenance through our inclusive service plans. We have our top-notch experts and know-how holders who are able to resolve problems across different sectors of cleanrooms and related products. Our solutions guarantee optimization of capital and operating costs with a consistent emphasis on protection of the environment.

We provide projects for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, healthcare, science and research, microelectronics, automotive industries as well as for other industrial facilities utilizing cleanroom technology.


In-house production

Our implementations are strengthened by our own specialized production with ability of custom-made supplies in a relatively short time.

We have 4 manufacturing facilities – in the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, and Russia. We manufacture components for built-in clean rooms, isolator technology, laboratory furnishings, stainless and technological equipment.

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Components for Built-in
Clean Rooms

In-house Production ikon

Isolator Technology
and Technological Equipment

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Laboratory Furnishing
and Stainless Equipment

Manufacturing Facilities

Odštěpný závod BLOCK Technical AG

Odštěpný závod BLOCK Technical AG Czech Republic
Founded in 1991

Köttermann GmbH

Köttermann GmbH Germany
Founded in 1946

FOR Clean a.s.

FOR Clean a.s. Slovakia
Founded in 1999

ООО «ФОР Клин»

ООО «ФОР Клин» Russia
Founded in 2016